Pay per service: $125 plus a travel allowance if applicable (at least 40 services per season and growing)

Deadline for application: July 31, 2019

Live audition date: Sunday, August 25, 2019

To be considered for an audition, please submit an application and resume here:

Audition Application

Applicants chosen to come in for the live audition will be contacted by August 5. Finalists chosen at the live audition will be asked to perform a concert cycle with the orchestra. 

Highly-qualified applicants will be expected to:

  • Communicate well
  • Lead the first violin section, guide and motivate the players
  • Be the first point of contact between the orchestra and the artistic manager and conductor
  • Be a team player who plays a connecting role within the orchestra
  • Complete bowings in a timely manner
  • Have a positive and flexible attitude
  • Be willing to participate in chamber music opportunities as they arise

Only highly qualified applicants should apply. The contract is initially for a probationary period of one year starting with the 2020-21 season, becoming a permanent position if both parties are in agreement.

Audition excerpt list

Solo repertoire:

  1. Classical Concerto – Please prepare the 1st movement (exposition only) of a Mozart Violin Concerto (No. 4 or 5 only)
  2. Romantic concerto – Please prepare the 1st movement (exposition only) from one of the following concerti: Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky.

Concertmaster Solos:

  1. Brahms: Symphony No.1 (Mvt.2, Reh. E to the end)
  2. Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade (all solos)

Orchestral Works (All excerpts are for first violin)

  1. Mozart: Symphony No.39 (2nd Mvt., mm.1-38)
  2. Beethoven: Symphony No.3 (3rd Mvt., beginning to downbeat of Reh. B)
  3. Beethoven: Symphony No.9 (3rd Mvt., mm.99-114)
  4. Brahms: Symphony No.2 (1st Mvt., Reh. E to Reh.F)
  5. Debussy: La Mer (2nd Mvt., Reh. 33 to 6 after Reh. 38)
  6. Prokofiev: Classical Symphony (1st Mvt., beg. to Reh. H)
  7. Schumann: Symphony No.2 (2nd Mvt., beg. to downbeat of m.55 with repeat)
  8. Strauss: Don Juan (beginning to 13 after C)

If your resume is selected, you will be asked to send a $50.00 refundable check to secure your live audition.  The check will be returned to you when you come to the live audition or if you cancel within 72 hours of the audition.

For additional questions, please contact Rachel Gries at