The Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) is comprised of professional musicians who perform an eclectic repertoire of some of the world's greatest symphonic music at a high level of artistic excellence. Auditions are held throughout the year for new musicians. Click here to contact the CSO about receiving an audition.

Get to know our musicians … and why they want to share their love of music with you!

Violin I

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Jesse Hawkins

Associate Concertmaster


After filling in for his friend and Concertmaster Larry Shapiro, Jesse Hawkins has been part of the CSO family ever since. Read more about Jesse here

Ingrid Baird

Amanda Baer

Gershik Chervinskiy

Nick Drumm

Juli Enzinger

Sun Huh

Ann Manship


My mother was a professional violinist and teacher of violin so music was in my home growing up a lot. I have performed with the CSO since its early years! Professionally I am a pharmacist who spent time in retail practice. I am now in nursing home practice with 11 years of marketing and purchasing for a local drug chain in the middle of the two specialties as a practicing pharmacist.

Mary McClean


I started asking my parents for violin lessons when I was 3, so I think it’s something I was just always meant to do! I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Evansville and a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from IU and  I work for IU Health Physicians as Assistant Director of Operations for Pediatric Billing. My husband and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this year; we have two boys ages 6 and 9.

Angela Ruch

Reinhold Strnat


I was born in Vienna, Austria and have played the violin as a serious avocation since the 5th grade. Preparing for and then playing a concert of music as part of a passionate group of musicians is a personal challenge and an incredibly rewarding experience. I am an Electrical Engineer and serve as president and technical manager of a small company in Fishers, Ind. that represents a Cologne, Germany-based manufacturing company.

Violin II

Nataliya Nizhalova


Sponsored by Jill & Tom Kirk

Pam Close

Acting Assistant Principal

Reid Bonner

Amanda Cornet

Rebecca Hoffman

Annemarie Schreiber

Kevin Shiue


I play in the Carmel Symphony Orchestra because of my passion for classical music. Playing time-renowned masterworks is always a privilege! Music-making with a group is always fun and helps me de-stress. I am currently a resident physician in radiation oncology in downtown Indianapolis. I started playing piano when I was 8 and violin when I was 14.

Travis Waymon

Candida Wiley

Kris Zaloudek


Suzane Um


Sponsored by John W. & Nancy S. Adams

Melinda Bowman


It’s truly an honor for me to play. I can’t imagine not playing in an orchestra. I started viola at age 9 and haven’t stopped! My first community orchestra experience with professional musicians was in Penfield, NY when I was in high school. I love making music with my talented colleagues. They inspire me and teach me to be the best musician I can be. I teach high school German classes (Levels 1-AP) at Warren Central High School. I love working with my students and traveling to Germany with them. One way I connect with my students is through German music of all varieties. Music is important to my students, and it helps them learn about and understand the German culture. I also organize and coordinate the Staatskongress high school German student convention at Ball State every year. 

Rachel Gries

Rachel Gutana

Karen Hutchins

Julia Keller-Welter


I spend my time playing viola with the CSO and singing with the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. I am a viola specialist for Sand Creek Intermediate School in Hamilton Southeastern School System. I enjoy my grandchildren and play tennis regularly at the Carmel Racquet Club as well as biking on the Monon Trail.

Mark Schuster

Sarah Knight

Julie Scull

Daniel Wunderle

I play Viola because it is a joy to me. The music which I play gives me an extra spurt of energy and excitement inside.  I want to share that same energy and excitement with kids and adults in the community as well. 
During the day, I teach private lessons at community Middle Schools in the area as well as participate in string quartets and events around town.


Nancy Smith


Matthew Trefethen

Assistant Principal

Lindsey Agnew

I developed a love of music at a young age with my dad being a guitarist and bass guitarist in various bands.  He would often bring me along to his practices and gigs.  As a child I heard a young violinist on tv and fell in love with the sound.  I started cello when I was 12 years old through the school orchestra program.  Laura Payne (bass) was my teacher! I joined the Carmel Symphony in 1998.  Making beautiful music with my CSO family is my happy place.  For my day job, I work in a hospital as a clinical pharmacist, specializing in informatics. Follow on instagram at @green_eyed_lady06

Jan Brill

Anna Danilova

Joerg Schreiber

Jennifer Weber


I have played with the CSO since 1997 through my years attending law school in Bloomington, starting my career as an attorney in Indianapolis, and even going through a few medical challenges (two lung transplants). It is satisfying now, to just leave my “day job” behind and go play! 


Rose Meyers


Sponsored by Stan & Sandy Hurt

Joseph Everett

Assistant Principal

Matt Greven

Laura Payne


I play in the Carmel Symphony Orchestra because it allows me the opportunities to: Express myself through beautiful inspiring music, perform music with awesome people and cultivate friendships. It allows me to share my love of music with my students and model for them that playing music is a lifelong endeavor. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy being outdoors: hiking, biking, downhill skiing, traveling 

Chris Rund


I live in Bloomington, teaching at the IU Media School and working for an executive education and technology firm. Even though it’s a 150-mile roundtrip for every rehearsal and concert, the greatness of the music, the quality of our CSO musicians and the unbelievably beautiful Palladium make playing with the CSO an extraordinary experience that’s worth the driving!

Christian Starnes


Music has always been a huge part of my life. I began playing violin in the 6th grade, then saw the light and changed to the bass in high school. I enjoy playing many genres of music from symphonic to rock to pit orchestras for musical productions. 


Karen Sheely


Sponsored by Kimberly W. & Michael C. Donahue

Kathy Sasseman

Kim Coplen


Kim Coplen


Rebecca McGuire

Principal Oboe

Sponsored by Jill & Tom Kirk

Tama Poncar

Sharon McCullough

English Horn

Sharon McCullough


Gavin Arnold


Sponsored by Paul Reis & Mo Merhoff

Katherine Peters


Ryan Caldwell


PJ Woolston


I started playing bassoon in high school, the victim of a band that was in need of a double reed player. The advantage of playing such an in-demand instrument however was the constant opportunities to play. I am currently the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Marian University in Indianapolis.

French Horn

Dave Poncar


Sponsored by Lawrence & Vivian Lawhead


There are no words to adequately describe the elation I feel at the end of a great performance, knowing we all accomplished it, for each other, together.  I am now one of the longest-tenured members of the CSO -- since 1984 -- and I consider myself so very lucky to have had the great opportunity to be a part of this tremendous organization for all these years. In my "day job," I am the Director of Bands at Greenfield Central Junior High School.

Ginny Kundrat


Music is a means for me to express what I cannot say in words.  I feel so fortunate to have been a part of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra since 1992.  Apart from music, I teach chemistry to students at Carmel High School

Larry Lemon

Greg Leffler

Heather Palmer




Sponsored by Drs. Pamela A.  Steed & Peter Furno

Bob Bonner

Shawn Jones


David Roode


Sponsored by Bill & Brenda Culpepper

Lawrence Lawhead

Bass Trombone

Richard Dole

Principal Trombone

Sponsored by Bill & Brenda Culpepper


Andy Meyer


Sponsored by Karen A. Sheely


Jason Spangler


Sponsored by Jim & Sally Hubbard


Mark Stempel


Keli Walsh


Wendy Muston


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