Violin I
Manami White holding a violin.

Manami White


Manami White joins the Carmel Symphony Orchestra as Concertmaster at the start of the 2023-2024 season.  Her past teachers include Dorothy DeLay and Naoko Tanaka. Manami received her Bachelor’s degree…

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CSO Musician Minji Kim holding the violin

MinJi Kim

Associate Concertmaster

Violinist MinJi Kim is the Associate Concertmaster of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Principal Second Violin of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra on The Esther & Richard Crowder Estate Chair, and a…

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CSO Musician Amanda Baer holding the violin

Amanda Baer

Amanda Jeanne Baer is a violin teacher, performer and the newly appointed Concertmaster of the Anderson Symphony Orchestra. She received her Bachelor’s of Music in violin performance from Indiana University…

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CSO Musician Lev Roshal holding a violin

Lev Roshal

LEV ROSHAL, violinist, is excited for his first season with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. After beginning his violin studies at the age of four at the Hochstein School of music…

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CSO Musician Nick Drumm playing violin at the Palladium

Nick Drumm

CSO musician Emily Yin holding a violin

Emily Yin

Emily Yin is a section violinist in the Carmel Symphony Orchestra and violin teacher. As a teacher, she teaches lessons and group classes at the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy, as well…

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Jonathan Johnson

CSO Violinist Byron Fan at the Palladium.

Byron Fan

Byron received his Bachelor of Art in Music from Santa Clara University (SCU) where he studied under Motoko Toba. While at SCU, he was the Concertmaster of the University Orchestra…

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CSO Musician Kay Kwieun Seo playing violin

Kay Kwieun Seo

Violin II

Angela Ruch


CSO Musician Pamela Close playing the violin

Pamela Close

Assistant Principal

CSO Musician Tricia Bonner holding the violin

Tricia Bonner

Violinist Tricia Bonner is an active freelancer in the Indianapolis area, presenting classical, folk, and new art music to the community through a variety of channels including the Carmel Symphony…

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CSO Musician Kris Zaloudek holding the violin

Kris Zaloudek

CSO Violinist Alexa Lang

Alexa Lang

Violinist Alexa Lang is originally from Orlando, Florida. She recently completed her Bachelor of Music at Florida State University in Violin Performance under the tutelage of Corinne Stillwell. As an…

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CSO Violinist Kevin Shiue at the Palladium

Kevin Shiue

I play in the Carmel Symphony Orchestra because of my passion for classical music. Playing time-renowned masterworks is always a privilege! Music-making with a group is always fun and helps…

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CSO Musician Lauren Greene holding a violin

Lauren Greene

Lauren Greene is a gifted violinist with a passion for orchestral performance. She also enjoys chamber music, opera, new music, religious music, and pops orchestras. Lauren Greene graduated with a…

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CSO Musician Ingrid Baird playing violin at the Palladium

Ingrid Baird

CSO Violinist Ann Manship

Ann Manship

My mother was a professional violinist and teacher of violin so music was in my home growing up a lot. I have performed with the CSO since its early years!…

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CSO Musician Rachel Gries holding the viola

Rachel Gries


Violist Rachel Gries has a thriving music career in the Indianapolis area.  She holds both a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees from Indiana University where she was…

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CSO Musician Julie Scull playing viola at the Palladium

Julie Scull

Assistant Principal

Suzane Um

CSO Musician Ila Rondeau playing viola.

Ila Rondeau

Violist Ila Rondeau makes her home in Indianapolis where she regularly performs with the Cincinnati Symphony, the Columbus (OH) Symphony, the Dayton Philharmonic, the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic, the Terre Haute…

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CSO Musician Michael Jiang playing the viola

Siyu Michael Jiang

Siyu Michael Jiang was born in Shenzhen, China in 1992. At age of 5, he began his violin studies with former concertmaster of Tianjin Symphony Orchestra, Jingqi Wu. He started his…

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CSO Musician Melinda Bowman holding the viola at the Palladium

Melinda Bowman

I started viola at age 9 and haven’t stopped! My first community orchestra experience with professional musicians was in Penfield, NY when I was in high school. I have also performed…

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CSO Violist Karen Hutchins

Karen Hutchins

I grew up in South Bend, IN where I learned to play the violin, viola, and piano and played viola in the South Bend Symphony Orchestra before attending graduate school….

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A woman in a white dress holding a cello.

Anna Danilova


Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, Anna Thompson-Danilova is currently holding substitute positions with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Louisville Symphony Orchestra as well as the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra. Nationally and internationally, she has…

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CSO Musician Marty Meyer holding the cello

Martin Meyer

Marty Meyer is a professional cellist of Indianapolis, Indiana. He has performed with several regional orchestras, including the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Carmel Symphony (Associate Principal), Terre…

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Yoonhae Swanson

CSO Musician Tamalynn O'Grady playing cello

Tamalynn O’Grady

Tamalynn is a classically trained cellist based in Indianapolis. In addition to working with several symphony orchestras in the tristate area, Tamalynn serves as a Marketing Manager and cellist with…

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CSO Musician Lori Honer playing cello

Lori Honer

A seasoned performer and educator with over 35 years of experience, cellist, Dr. Lori Honer began her professional career by performing at Carnegie Hall as the principal cellist of a…

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CSO Musician Jan Brill holding the cello

Jan Brill

I began playing cello at age ten.  My mom had played and influenced me to do the same.  We have two adult children that both played cello and our daughter,…

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CSO Musician Matt Trefethen playing the cello

Matthew Trefethen

CSO Musician Joerg Schreiber playing the cello at the Palladium

Joerg Schreiber

Having grown up in Germany, music was an important part of my life from early on. I played in chamber music ensembles and orchestras for more than 50 years. Today…

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CSO Musician Jen Weber playing the cello

Jennifer Weber

I have played with the CSO since 1997 through my years attending law school in Bloomington, starting my career as an attorney in Indianapolis, and even going through a few…

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CSO Musician Joe Everett holding the double bass at the Palladium.

Joseph Everett


Internationally known, Joe Everett has performed multiple concerts throughout Europe and the United States. First performing at Carnegie Hall at the age of 18, Mr. Everett’s music career began only…

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Brandon Vaughn

Assistant Principal

CSO Musician Hillary Fuller playing double bass.

Hillary Fuller

Hillary Fuller has been playing bass since age eleven. As a native of Utah, Hillary has played professionally with the Utah Symphony, Ballet West, and the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra…

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CSO Double Bassist Mingzi Han

Mingzi Han

Mingzi Han started playing Double Bass in 2011. She holds her Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China, where she studied with Henry Chen….

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CSO Musician Matt Greven playing the double bass at the Palladium

Matt Greven

CSO Musician Tamara Thweatt holding the flute

Tamara Thweatt


Tamara Thweatt joined the Carmel Symphony as Principal Flute in 2021. She lives in Greenwood, Indiana and is an avid birdwatcher and collector of world flutes. She has a busy schedule performing in orchestras, recording studios, churches and chamber music in the Indianapolis area. Tamara was formerly Principal Piccolo of the Los Angeles Philharmonic from 2000-2002 and has performed on flute and piccolo with the Chicago Symphony, National Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Indianapolis Symphony and Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, among others.

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Laura Recendez

A native of California, flutist Laura Recendez serves as second flute with Anderson Symphony Orchestra, and Carmel Symphony. She serves as piccolo with the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, but will hold…

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CSO Musician Monika Spangler holding the piccolo

Monika Spangler

Monika is thrilled to be part of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra!  She received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Indiana University and her Master of Music Education degree from Butler University.  She…

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CSO Musician Rebecca McGuire holding the oboe

Rebecca McGuire


Rebecca McGuire is Principal Oboe of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Principal Oboe of the Terre Haute Symphony, and Oboist of the Volante Winds, a highly acclaimed wind quintet with recent…

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CSO Musician Liza Saracina holding the oboe

Liza Saracina

Oboe 2/English Horn

In addition to Liza Saracina’s position as the Second Oboe/English Horn at the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, she is the Principal Oboist of the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra and the Columbus Indiana…

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CSO Musician Emily Cook holding the clarinet

Emily Cook


Western-Illinois native Emily Cook is a dynamic performer and educator who splits her time between Bloomington, IN and Pittsburgh, PA. She currently serves as principal clarinetist of the Carmel Symphony…

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CSO Musician Katherine Peters holding the clarinet

Katherine Peters

Kara Stolle holding her bassoon.

Kara Stolle


Kara Stolle is principal bassoonist with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra and Carmel Symphony Orchestra. An active recording studio and chamber ensemble musician, Kara has also performed as a baroque bassoonist…

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CSO Musician Kathleen Moniaci holding a bassoon

Kathleen Moniaci

Kathleen Moniaci enjoys a multi-faceted career in Indianapolis as a performer, teacher and repair womam.   She performs frequently throughout the greater Indianapolis area with the Carmel Symphony, Lafayette Symphony, Danville…

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CSO Musician Ryan Caldwell playing the bassoon

Ryan Caldwell


French Horn
CSO Musician Rebekah Loren holding the French horn

Rebekah Lorenz


Rebekah Lorenz has performed with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Pops, the Cincinnati Opera, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Pops, among many other wonderful…

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CSO Musician Michael Stiles holding the French horn

Michael Stiles

Dr. Michael Stiles is a Bloomington, Indiana based freelance performer and teacher on French horn. He received his Doctor of Music in Performance and Literature in December, 2021, with minor areas…

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CSO Musician Ginny Kundrat holding the French horn

Ginny Kundrat

Music is a necessary form of expression for me.  I was a music major and a chemistry major, studying horn performance with Melanie Cottle and Norman Hannewald. I am so…

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CSO Trumpeter Shawn Jones

Shawn Jones

CSO Musician Chris Van Hof holding the trombone

Christopher Van Hof


Chris Van Hof is the Associate Professor of Trombone at Ball State University and an active freelance trombonist in a variety of styles. He also is the Principal Trombone of…

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CSO Musician Larry Lawhead playing the trombone

Lawrence Lawhead

Bass Trombone
CSO Musician Rich Dole playing bass trombone

Richard Dole


Richard Dole is a an active bass trombone and tenor trombone performer and educator in Indianapolis and the surrounding region. He has toured or performed with Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis,…

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CSO Tuba Player Andy Meyer

Andy Meyer


Andy Meyer began playing tuba in fifth grade and attended I.P.S. Howe High School where he was Principal Tuba of both the Indianapolis All-City Band and All-City Orchestra.  He received…

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CSO Musician Jason Spangler playing timpani at the Palladium

Jason Spangler


CSO Musician Mark Stempel playing percussion at the Palladium

Mark Stempel


CSO Musician Keli Welsh playing percussion at the Palladium

Keli Welsh

CSO Musician Melanie Mashner with the harp

Melanie Mashner


Professional harpist Melanie Mashner is passionate about bringing joy to the people around her through music. Newly appointed as the Principal Harpist of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, Melanie was the Graduate Assistant…

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CSO Musician Allegra Hein with the piano

Allegra Hein

Allegra Hein received her Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Roosevelt University’s Chicago College of Performing Arts and Master of Music degrees in Piano Performance and Music Therapy…

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