Jeanne Book Answers Why I Give

“I think the Carmel Symphony Orchestra is the finest thing we have ever produced in Carmel,” says Jeanne Book.

Jeanne has been donating and working with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) since 1982. She has served as a past CSO League president and an interim orchestra manager and notes serving the CSO as one of her greatest joys.

A pianist in her own right, Jeanne has a deep love for beautiful music. She began playing at age five and believes beautiful music is an important part of a healthy vibrant community. She can recall growing up in Champaign, Illinois and going to every possible University of Illinois orchestral concert with her father. “He always encouraged me to take in each part of the symphony as they played,” says Book. “Now my favorite part is to watch the Concertmaster and how he leads.”

“I donate because I believe everyone, but especially children, benefit by having access to beautiful music,” says Book, a major advocate for CSO programs Family Fun! and Young Artists Competition.

She encourages all lovers of beautiful music to donate regularly to help support the CSO, an arts anchor within the Carmel community, and to regularly come to CSO concerts and listen enthusiastically.

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