When Jennifer moved to Indiana the first thing she looked for, was a place to play music. She found it playing with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) at Carmelfest in 1997. Since then, she has played with the CSO through her years attending law school in Bloomington, starting her career as an attorney in Indianapolis, and still continued later going through a few medical challenges (two lung transplants).

“It is satisfying now, to just leave my day job behind and go play! When you’re playing music, it usually commands (or often will grab), your full attention… and this, it does for me. I can’t recall a thing I’ve done the entire day at the office when we begin playing,” says Jennifer Weber, CSO cellist.

But mostly, she plays because both the audience and the musicians have become like a family – and her very own community. “I have celebrated and shared lots of terrific and memorable moments both personally and musically with the CSO,” says Weber. She notes that she plays cello to enjoy the music-making with the CSO and truly for the love of music, but also, because it has been her go-to place for friends, family, and FUN!

Our feature photo for this CSO blog story comes from Indiana Donor Network. To read Jennifer’s Story of Hope on their website, visit here.

“Organ donation gave me my life back, and I’ll never take that gift for granted. The way I can really make it count is to live in the now, be present every day and to make sure I’m giving back—giving back to my family, my job, my community.” – Jennifer Weber