Jill Kirk Answers Why I Play

She makes a living as an actuary writing reinsurance treaties for Lincoln Financial Group from her home office, but her love for music runs deep, Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) second violin, Jill Kirk, shares why she plays.

A double major in college – math and music, Jill felt that if I went into music as a profession, the competitiveness of the field would take away the joy that she had always found in being involved in music, so she chose a math related profession instead. Piano was always her primary instrument, but she also has a great love of the teamwork atmosphere of playing in an orchestra, especially one like the CSO. “I have played second violin for CSO for 24 years now. When things are not going well for me, I can always count on a CSO rehearsal to pick me up and change my mood,” says Kirk.

Our blog featured picture is of Kirk and her husband, Tom, in front of their favorite little ski hill in Big Sky, Montana. They hope to eventually leave the flat lands of Indiana to spend more time skiing and hiking in their mountain paradise.

Kirk’s other non-musical passion is knitting. She has won three ribbons at the Indiana State Fair!

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