Amanda Baer

I started playing violin when I was five years old in Utah and always wanted to go to music school.  I auditioned around the country in high school and decided to attend the Jacob’s School of Music at Indiana University on scholarship and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Music in violin performance.  I live in Indianapolis now, and in addition to performing with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, I play with other various orchestras and freelance.  I’m currently the Associate Concertmaster of the Anderson Symphony.

I also love to teach violin, viola and piano lessons, as a Suzuki-trained and certified teacher. I teach at home and am also an adjunct teacher through the Indianapolis Suzuki Academy.  I regularly take new training courses as a violin teacher and am planning on heading back to school soon to receive my master’s degree in violin performance.  Apart from the violin, I’ve also volunteered for years at church as music chairperson, choir director, organist and pianist.  I receive a lot of support from my husband and four children at home, so I’m able to continue performing and teaching.  Music is my lifeblood and I agree with Pablo Casals that “music will save the world!”