A message from Dave Shepherd, 2020-2021 Honorary Campaign Chair

I have always been known as an athlete and not necessarily as a man of the arts, but I do believe passionately that the arts are very important to our community. Now is the time for us to support the CSO and to teach our children and grandchildren, our younger generation, about the role the arts can and should play in our lives. Will you join me and become either a Pledge Patron or a Pledge Partner with a recurring gift over the next year?

Funding the Future Together

Covid-19 has caused the symphony to struggle through the cancellation of several performances, and without raising additional capital it might still survive but it will not thrive. Carmel has never been known as a community where ‘being average’ is OK. I urge you to join me and commit to being a part of ‘Funding the Future Together’ with your monthly gift.

Dave Shepherd, Honorary Chair, CSO Campaign 2020-2021
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