“I’ve never been musically talented, but appreciate and respect classical music immensely,” says Carmel Symphony Orchestra League member Sue Britton.

“My husband introduced me to classical music when we were first married, and I fell in love!” says Britton. She laughs as she shares that back then they listened to classical music at home on vinyl. Today, some might call that “vintage” especially as more people listen to music on mobile devices.

The Britton’s first Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) concerts were enjoyed at Carmel High School, and they followed the CSO to The Palladium. At new venue, Sue often volunteered as an usher to be able to be immersed in the beautiful music and help guide others. “To think that our city could have such a prominent orchestra is amazing, and I knew I wanted to support that,” says Britton.

Around the same time, Sue had friends in the CSO League who would often talk to her about the fun work they were doing to help support the symphony. She knew it was the perfect addition for her after retiring from Carmel High School and joined about a decade ago. Over her years with the CSO League they have gone from 12 members to now 50, and she has grown right along with them in leadership roles.

Her volunteer role has allowed her love of music to grow as well. Getting involved has made that love of far more personal. Sue notes that she’s become acquainted with some of the musicians and as well as the CSO staff. This truly is HER Carmel Symphony Orchestra, and she knows it can be YOURS too. “It’s an especially exciting time to fall in love with the Carmel Symphony Orchestra, with the addition of Janna Hymes as music director and conductor. I see wonderful things on the horizon,” says Britton.

When asked the number one reason she volunteers with the CSO, Sue noted, “When it comes down to it, I just enjoy it, and it is always FUN!”

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