YOUR participation matters

We depend upon the financial support of individuals and organizations for ongoing artistic growth and increasing educational outreach in Carmel and the surrounding communities.

Our donor benefits are designed to enhance your enjoyment of the Orchestra, and say “Thank You” for your investment in this excellent ensemble. Perhaps the greatest donor benefit is the knowledge that your gift to the Carmel Symphony Orchestra is helping to sustain one of central Indiana’s cultural treasures.  Donors are recognized in the CSO season program book and receive special VIP access to events.

Donor Levels

  • CONCERTMASTER $250 to $499
  • IMPRESARIO $500 to $999
  • MAESTRO $1,000 to $1,999
  • SILVER BATON $2,000 to $4,999
  • GOLD BATON $5,000 to $9,999
  • PLATINUM BATON $10,000 and Above

Mail checks to:
Carmel Symphony Orchestra
760 3rd Avenue SW, Suite 102
Carmel, IN 46032

Contact the CSO office at 317.844.9717.



Kevin Anger
David & Shannon Minnaar
Pro Tech Indy
Stephanie Kirk
Rob & Marsha Schlegel
Luci & Phil Snyder
Angela & Matthew Trefethen
Leah York



Donald & Carla Bennett-$400
Renee Bilgram & Ralph Waldo-$300
Lila Chiappetta-$200
Bob & Mary Christianson-$200
Chuck Duke-$400
Melissa Eldredge-$400
Katherine Eggleston-$2000
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Green-$500
Matt & Jean Greven-$1000
Karen Hutchins-$200
Janna Hymes-$1000
Deborah Lawrence-$200
Phil & Ann Manship-$2000
Pamela Marvel-$100
Randy & Sharon McCullough-$1000
David & Shannon Minnaar-$1000
Jean Patton-$500
Paul Reis & Mo Merhoff-$4000
Christopher Riegel-$200
Melba Schulte-$2000
Steven Stolen-$100
Jim Streeter-$2000
William Tierney-$4000
Jerry Torr-$1000
Timothy Trueblood-$200
Bart & Lindsey Willard-$500

Thank You For Your Continued Support

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