At our March concert – The Carmel Symphony Orchestra (CSO) presents Ms. Angela Brown – we were honored with student visitors from Warren Central High School.

Ms. Melinda Bowman, a Warren Central German teacher, organized a group of orchestra, band and foreign language students for an evening of beautiful music on their own time. We always love to hear feedback from our visitors’ experiences, and we were lucky enough to get a wonderful list of comments from this great group of high school students.

What did you like best about your CSO experience?

  • The complexity of the music, and how well it was performed. Most of all, I really liked the mutual respect between the instrumentalists and the vocalist. I liked how both sides worked together and had fun doing so.
  • I absolutely loved the vocalist Ms. Angela Brown. She is a fantastic storyteller with a brilliant voice. She really brought life to the Palladium.
  • I loved The Dance of the Hours. That piece was especially beautiful. The energy and communication between the entire orchestra was amazing. Ms. Angela Brown’s voice was gorgeous! Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite part, because it was all incredible!
  • I liked the music. That was the best part of the concert.
  • Ms. Angela Brown – she is hilarious! But the music also was good.
  • I liked the very first song that the orchestra played the best.
  • My favorite part was being able to see Ms. Angela Brown.
  • The Palladium is a really nice place and the CSO musicians are wonderful!

What does CSO mean to you?

  • CSO shows hard work and passion for music that I can relate to.
  • Being able to attend CSO with Warren Central is an amazing opportunity for young students. The venue is breathtaking and the music even more so. Being a graduate of 2016, I am sad that it will probably be my last time attending for a while. It was great to be able to hear Blue Skies – it’s one of my favorite Jazz standards. Thank you for having us!
  • CSO is an amazing orchestra that rivals the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO). The energy on stage is the best I’ve seen yet and you can tell that everyone loves what they do. The conductor is especially energetic. He reminds me of my high school conductor in the way that you think he might fall off the podium because he is so into it. Thank-you for the experience. I would love to see CSO again!
  • CSO is a great group of musicians having fun!
  • CSO is an inspiration!
  • I want to be as good as they are!
  • It meant so much to see a professional orchestra play, especially seeing the cellos.
  • CSO means a lot to me.
  • I don’t live in Carmel, so I hadn’t seen them before, but CSO is really just like an orchestra.

The entire CSO family adores when students visit our concerts.  It is our mission to enhance Central Indiana through creative, artistically excellent performances and educational experiences for diverse audiences of all ages. As our Artistic Director Dr. David Bowden often says, “We delight in being able to inspire children of all ages with beautiful music, because we know that making music changes lives.”

Thank-you for sharing an evening of beautiful music with us, Warren Central! We enjoyed having you!